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“Willie Degel: I’m Fed Up”
– Total Food Service

“Why Politics are Killing Restaurants”
– Food NewsFeed

“Willie Degel on Simplifying Operations”

“ 11 Inspiring Quotes About What It Means to Be an Entrepreneur”

“What It Takes to Expand Your Business”

“What’s on Willie Degel’s Plate?”
– Modern Restaurant Management

“The Restaurant Business Has Been Attacked”
– The Street.

“Doing it Degel Style”
– The Suit Magazine.

William Degel, aka the Steak Doctor, walking us through picking and preparing the perfect cut of beef
– FB Live Via – Maxim Magazine.

Former Food Network star to open Atlanta-area steakhouse

NY’s ‘Steak Doctor’ Opening Uncle Jack’s Meat House in Atlanta Suburb

Uncle Jack’s Meat House …

Post-Trump, businesses find themselves in voter crosshairs
– CBS News

EATS OUTSIDE OF COBB: Uncle Jack’s Meat House
– Cobb Life

Girls’ Night Out …

Food Uncle Jack’s Meat House and Speakeasy Slated to Open This Fall in Astoria

Food Network Star Bringing Restaurant to Gwinnett

Being an Entrepreneur Means Being a Risk Taker, Dreamer and Having a Fire in Your Belly

All Carnivores Here
– Explore Gwinnett

NYC restaurateur proposes 3-tier minimum wage to ‘help small business owners’


Businesses Near Trump Tower Will Struggle Even if NYC Gets Its $35 Million Payout


The Dish: Uncle Jack’s Meat House

– Gwinnett Dail Post

Former Food Network star bringing steakhouse concept to Duluth

– Gwinnett Dail Post

Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse, NYC, NY, USA

– Luxury Experience

How to bring the smoke to your s’mores
– Nations Restaurant News

Two-Hundred Minutes In … Duluth + Suwanee
– Points North Atlanta

Restaurateur says consumer more ‘selfish’ and ‘educated’ than ever

Trumping the restaurant industry
– QSR Web

NYC restaurateur proposes 3-tier minimum wage to ‘help small business owners’
– Pizza Marketplace

Standing out from the competitive crowd remains key
– Restaurant Hospitality

Willie Degel Serves Up Some Meaty Tips For Building Your Brand
– Small Business Trends

Food Network – Degel’s Duluth Restaurant – And Government’s Job Killing Assaults
– The Bryan Crabtree Show

Businesses Near Trump Tower Say Security Is Stealing Their Christmas
– The New York Times

– The New Yorker

New York City Asks for $35 Million Reimbursement for Trump Security
– The Street

40 Business Lessons to be learnt from Willie Degel…
– Career Heads

‘Uncle Jack’s’ To Open New Concept…
– Astoria Post

Q&A Willie Degel
– Total Food Service

Willie Degel Recommends
– Fast Company, The Recommender

“Cookin Up Business Success…”
– Voice America

“A Visit with Willie Degel…”
– Linda C Smith

“Willie Degel Cooks His Signature…”
– Fox News

“How A Celebrity Restaurateur Sees…”
– Forbes

40 under 40
– Crain’s New York Business

“‘Restaurant Stakeout’ features…”
– Newsday

“Willie Degel’s seven tips…”
– Metro

“Willie Degel’s Sautéed Mushrooms Recipe”

“Steakcraft: Uncle Jack’s Kicks It Old School…”
– Serious Eats

“Top 10 Steakhouses in New York…”

“Willie Degel’s Perfect Steak…”
– The Daily Meal

“How to Cook a Perfect Steak…”
– Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth, Yahoo Shine!

“Celebrities Share Their Holiday Gift Lists…”
– Conde Nast Traveller

“Sick Of Leftovers? …”
– Your Tango

“NYC Restaurants to Eat At on Christmas”
– CBS New York

“Building a Steakhouse Empire Strip by Strip…”
– Taking Stock with Pimm Fox – Bloomberg

“NY Steak Done Rare”
– Linda C. Smith

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